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We now have CD-Catalogue Available with us.

If you are our Existing Buyer , you will get it " Free of COST ", every time we upgrade our    product range.

It is also send "Free of Cost", with all the orders.

If you are interested in our CD-catalogue, [ and not our buyer at present] then order your copy now by sending us US  $20 or equivalent through Cheque or WIRE TRANSFER.

Please note that this amount can be "REFUNDABLE" along with your first order.

The above formality intends to understand ones seriousness towards business & to reduce the CHAFF of uninterested people, who want to get everything FREE, just for thier collection.

In our CD-Catalogue, The size of the image is kept according to your convenience & globally accepted softwares are used to save them.

Hoping to see you in our--

"Family of Delighted Customers"